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Taiwanese Opera (Cultural Event)

Taiwanese Opera is the most unique part of Taiwanese entertainment culture. It’s a traditional performing art that embraces all elements of opera including singing, martial arts and elegant costumes. Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company keeps refining the traditional opera to the level of exquisite art. In addition to preserving the beauty and elegance of the traditional culture, it also combines the oriental opera with symphony orchestra, which successfully establishes a new cultural milestone. This is a wonderful chance to learn about Taiwanese traditional arts and you should not miss it.


Zhuang Zhou wants to further test his wife Lady Zhuang Tian, who swears that she will never marry again in her lifetime if Zhou is deceased. Zhuang Zhou feigns death and afterwards turns into a handsome young man-Chu Wang-Sun who comes along to mourn on Zhuang Zhou and seduces Tian. Tian falls in love with Wang-sun and intends to marry him. On the night of the wedding, Wang-Sun suddenly has a splitting headache and says he needs a human brain to make medicine. After some conflicting moments, Tian takes an axe and moves towards Zhuang’s coffin……
The story of “Zhuang Zhou Tests His Wife” has always been a classical drama on the opera stage. The plot is full of fantasy, the performances are splendid and wonderful, and the artistic charm of the opera is fully demonstrated by the integration of singing, dancing, special effects and other dramatic elements. “Phantom Dream” is an absurd black comedy adapted from the theme “Zhuang Zhou Tests His Wife”, which explores the trust and betrayal between husband and wife, and has a profound description of the sentiments of both sexes.
The three top artists of Taiwanese Opera, Tang Mei-yun, Wang Jin-ying and Xiao-mi, with a troupe of young artists, together re-interpret this classical play. Tang Mei-yun, winner of the National Culture and Arts Awards, plays the roles of Zhuang Zhou and Chu Wang-sun, straddling old man’s and young man’s characters of Taiwanese Opera. With her performance skills, as well as powerful energy, Zhuang Zhou’s doubt, jealousy, anger and other psychological changes are being interpreted flawlessly.


Additional information

Troupe:Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company
Date:2021/06/13 Sun. 7:30pm
Venue:Taipei National Theater
Performance:Phantom Dream
Principals:Tang Mei-yun、Wang Jin-ying 、Xiao-mi
Length:170 mins, including intermission
Ticket Price:NT$1500 / NT$2100 / NT$2700 (approx. US$50 / $70 / $90)
1. The National Theater opens at 7:00 p.m. The performance will start at 7:30 p.m.
2. Tickets bought online are not the direct tickets to enter the concert hall. There will be a HOC ticket exchange booth at the Taipei Rotary Convention venue.
3. HOC Ticket booth open hous:2021.6.12-15 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. (The actual time is based on the open hours of the House of Friendship)

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