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Fun Taipei

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Taipei is the first stop, a must-see city, for most tourists arriving in Taiwan. They do their best to sample every dish and buy local souvenirs while walking through Taipei’s streets.

There are many metropolitan commercial districts in Taipei, including the Taipei 101 commercial district and the Xinyi commercial district. In addition to the vast Xinyi Weixiu Cinemas, there are many department stores, and it is closer to the 101 World Financial Building, the city government and the World Trade Center ; East District is the general name near the fourth section of Zhongxiao East Road. It is a fierce battle zone for department stores and small stalls, such as high-priced boutiques, cheap small stalls, and alley food. Don’t miss out. The snack lane on Nanyang Street covers cheap and large bowls of food. The square in front of the station has become the venue for idol stars to organize events. The Huayin Street and Tianshui Road behind the station are also good places for people to buy handicrafts and simple chemical materials.

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